Wildlife Viewing

The Olympic Peninsula is one of the best places on the globe to view diverse wildlife at close proximity. Black-tailed deer inhabit the hills and lowlands and are frequently seen through the region. Likewise, eagles and raptors such as falcons and hawks populate many areas on the peninsula. In the fall, spawning season brings different species of salmon into the rivers and streams. In Olympic National Park, mountain goats live in the higher altitudes, while Roosevelt elk roam in the lower areas and move in and out of the Park boundaries. You may also see an elusive marmot or a fisher that has been re-introduced into the Park in 2008. The Olympic National Park Visitor Center has information in indigenous species, and safety information about the animals you don't want to see up close, such as black bear, bobcats and cougar.


United States
48° 5' 28.1472" N, 123° 3' 3.8916" W
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