Olympic Peninsula GeoTour - Saturday, September 24

GeoTours are a special way to explore unique destinations with official rules and predetermined locations for the geocaches, which are hidden containers with a secret code in each one, a log book and tradable items. Dedicated “cachers” and those new to-the-sport play the reality-based game through Geocaching.com. These tours are custom made by destinations all over the world to encourage cachers to travel to, to learn more about, and to stay overnight as an economic enhancement to the community.

The 2016 Olympic Peninsula Hwy 101 Scenic Byway GeoTour has been especially planned to take you to locations for adventures near pretty waterfalls on the Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail, some World War II military history, great places to feed your tummy with the Olympic Culinary Loop, and enjoy some beautiful scenery along the way. Maybe even see local wildlife - whales, deer, Roosevelt elk. Fall is an excellent time to see many different species of birds. So, load the car, put fresh batteries in the GPS and find all 30 caches to claim a trackable geocoin.

To begin your adventure, sign up for free account of your own: Geocaching.com

If you already have a Geocaching account, check out the fun we will be having Friday and Saturday, September 23 anad 24.


Olympic Peninsula Hwy 101 Scenic Byway LoopWA