Brinnon and Quilcene Area Trails

Falls View Canyon Trails

Where:   3.5 miles south of the Quilcene Visitor Center / Forest Service Office at the Falls View Campground on Highway 101.  This campground has two nice trails for waterfall and river views.

The .6 mile trail starts left of the parking lot  and descends downhill to the Big Quilcene River.  In winter this trail may be partially ice covered in shaded areas, so use best judgment based on weather conditions..   There is a maximum grade of about 10—20% so use some caution.

The .2 mile Falls View Loop Trail is in the same campground area and starts just beyond the Canyon Trailhead.  This trail provides a level grade and easy walking.  There is a nice view of the falls and picnic area on this walk.

Description:   Both trails pass through large mixed firs and deciduous forest growth of all ages.   Views of the falls and the rugged river area are not to be missed.


Mount Walker Trail

Where:  The trail starts 1/4 mile down Mt. Walker Viewpoint Road, off of Highway 101, south of Quilcene.  There is a parking area to the left side of the road.  The trail is on the right.

Level of Difficulty & Length:  The trail is 2 miles in length.  Grade ranges from 10—20%.  There is a 2,000 feet elevation gain.  There is also a road to the summit. 

Description:  Trail ends at the  north viewpoint, providing views of Mt. Jupiter, Mt. Constance, Buckhorn Mountain, Mt. Baker and Quilcene.  The south viewpoint is an additional .5 miles and provides views of the Hood Canal, Mt. Rainier and Seattle.


 Native American Nature Trail

Where:  Take Highway 101 south from Quilcene Forest Service / Visitor Center, 9.7 miles towards Brinnon.  The trailhead is located in the Seal Rock State Park Campground one mile north of Brinnon.


Level of Difficulty & Length:  This .5 mile loop walk has interpretive signage on Native American life and passes through varied plant and forest environments.  It is a flat, easy walk.

Description:   In addition to the Native American Nature Trail the Seal Rock Interpretive Trail also provides a interpretive signage about local plant life.  The Seal Rock trail is a .5 mile round trip which meanders along a boardwalk fronting Hood Canal. 

Rocky Brook Falls

Where:  The trail is about 12 miles south of the Quilcene Ranger Station on the Dosewallips Road which intersects with Highway 101 near Brinnon.  There is an unsigned turnout 3 miles up the Dosewallips Road where parking is available.  The trail starts across the road from the parking area.

Level of Difficulty & Length:  The fairly level grade trail follows Rock Brook and is .25 miles in length.

Description:  The trail  proceeds under a cool tree canopy to see a spectacular falls where water drops down a sheer cliff off 100—125 feet.


 Dosewallips Falls Walk

Where:  Beyond Rocky Brook Falls, continuing up the Dosewallips River Road 6.7 miles is the temporary road closure.

Level of Difficulty & Length:  Walking from the road closure , the hiker is treated to a gentle climb on a roadway where you can walk side by side.  The trail to the falls is about 3 miles.

Description:   Tumbling cascades and tiered falls provide a great place for lunch or a break before continuing on into the trails of the Olympic National Park.  Also one of the premier bike rides in the North Hood Canal area.   



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