Birding on the Olympic Peninsula Tour #6

Watcher's View #6

  • From #5
  • Pull out and go left (East) along waterfront (keep an eye out for workers and lifts), continue through boatyard past Boat Haven Marina towards downtown P. T. 
  • At next stop light, just after Port Townsend Visitor Center on right, turn right and, then first left, and then next right. 

This puts you on a little loop street by the water again, you will see a small gravel parking lot on right, pull in.  Although this setting is incongruous, these, protected by the town of Port Townsend, tidal flats and eelgrass beds attract birds. I have frequently seen Harlequin duck here just off the bank in mid winter.  Look to the sky here towards the bluff and often our town’s resident Bald Eagles can be seeing riding the air currents hunting for the unwary.


Port TownsendWA
United States
48° 6' 33.3468" N, 122° 46' 7.5432" W
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Port TownsendWA