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Washington State's Olympic Peninsula is located just northwest of Seattle and is accessible by ferry, plane, boat or highway. From rugged ocean beaches to the tip of the Olympic Mountain range, you'll find easy access for exploration of the ocean, lakes, waterfalls, rivers and rain forests.

The Olympic National Park rests in the heart of the peninsula, combining the rocky Pacific Ocean coast and snowcapped Olympic Mountain peaks with the unique rain forests covering the Park's western coastal valleys. On the western slopes, the temperate rain forests of the usually wet and rainy river valleys hold some of the world's largest trees, all draped with a thick fabric of mosses. The settings range from beaches, forests, rivers, lakes, mountains, farms, secluded cabins, to stately mansions.

Port Angeles, the county seat, has airline charter service (Kenmore Air & Rite Bros.) at William R. Fairchild International Airport. Port Angeles is also the gateway city to Victoria, BC, Canada with boat/ferry travel from the Port Angeles waterfront.

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