Shelton/Mason County


The county seat, Shelton (pop. 9,800+) is a unique and delightful
town, its forestry heritage evident with it playing homage to Paul
Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. The downtown core offers turn of the
century architecture, antique stores, gift shops, fitness clubs,
fine restaurants, lazy creeks, and numerous parks.
Hood Canal is the only true saltwater fjord in the lower U.S. Since
long before the first European explorers sailed among the islands
and bays of the Salish Sea, great native tribes fished, hunted and
lived off the abundant wild plants, animals and bounty of the sea.
Its clear deep waters provide world-class shrimp and salmon
fishing, scuba diving, and miles of pristine shoreline for boaters,
kayakers, beachcombers and lovers of nature.
Immediately west of Hood Canal is Olympic National Park and
Olympic National Forest. There are mountain trails, thrilling vistas,
waterfalls and more in this wilderness paradise. Lake Cushman,
the Mt. Ellinor Trail and the Staircase entrance to Olympic National
Park are just three of the top attractions.
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