Cindy, Steve, Mike, and Shelley's August Adventure

Cape Flattery Trail

As you near Neah Bay, look for tufted puffin nesting on the sea stacks from spring to early summer, and common murres perched on Tatoosh Island. Look in the water for bobbing sooty shearwaters. During the spring thousands of migrating hawks, including red-tail and sharp-shinned hawks, kettle over Cape Flattery before flying across the Strait to Vancouver Island. Occasionally, large flocks of 200 to 300 sandhill cranes entertain lucky observers with their graceful formations and mysterious trilling.


Cape FlatteryNeah Bay, WA, 98357
United States
48° 21' 57.4344" N, 124° 36' 41.7744" W
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Hoh Rain Forest

Among the only protected temperate rain forests in the Northern Hemisphere, the Hoh Rain Forest is a not-to-be-missed attraction on the West Side of the Olympic Peninsula. Moisture-laden air from the Pacific brings an average of 140 inches of annual rainfall to the Hoh Valley,(record of 190 inches) in addition to condensed mist that contributes another 30 inches. Nineteen miles inland from Hwy 101 you’ll find the Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center.


Hoh RainforestWA
United States
47° 51' 39.2004" N, 123° 56' 5.3124" W
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Around La Push

This drive-to beach is a beautiful spot to enjoy the surf and watch shorebirds, eagles and seals. The 1-1/4 mile trek north to “Hole-in-the-Wall” begins here.

Port Townsend Cider Route

Download a PDF Map for directions to three of the area's Craft Cider Makers.

Alpenfire Cider
220 Pocket Lane Pt Townsend, WA
(360) 379-8915 ~ Website

Finnriver Farm & Cidery
62 Barn Swallow Rd Chimacum, WA
(360) 732-4337  ~ Website

Eaglemount Wine & Cider
2350 Eaglemount Rd Pt Townsend, WA
(360) 732-4084 ~ Website


Gateway Visitor's Center
93 Beaver Valley Road
Port Ludlow, WA, 98365
United States
47° 53' 28.7952" N, 122° 43' 55.1532" W
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Along the Hamma Hamma River The falls occur where the river drops into a small gorge over a large pile of boulders. 



United States
47° 35' 50.7264" N, 123° 8' 14.4276" W
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Eldon Falls a waterfall along the Hamma Hamma River before it enters Puget Sound. The falls occur about 3 miles above the rivers mouth.


United States
47° 32' 48.3216" N, 123° 2' 48.1308" W
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Take a Two-Nation Vacation! Traveling to Victoria BC Canada

After you have visited all the places the Olympic Peninsula holds for your discovery, leave your car behind and take a day trip to Victoria, BC! The public transportation in the inner harbor is fantastic, and there are many things to see within walking distance of the ferry terminals. Get there by ferry, the 90 minute M.V. Coho ferry can accommodate your car, truck or RV.

ID requirement is a passport OR an Enhanced Drivers License! _______________________________________________

 Victoria, British Columbia


Victoria British Columbia
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Centrum's Acoustic Blues Festival

Join us for the largest country blues gathering in the nation! Concerts feature players and music from regions where pre-war country blues were formed — Piedmont, the Delta, Mississippi Hill Country, New Orleans, Texas and more. Immerse yourself in the African – American history and traditions from which blues has grown.

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Olympic National Park & Olympic National Forest




Neah Bay & Cape Flattery

To the west  - Follow Hwy. 112 to Neah Bay and the Makah Indian Reservation where you will find a world-class cultural museum and the best smoked salmon ever!   

West of Neah Bay at the tip of the Olympic Peninsula lies Cape Flattery, the most northwest point in the continental U.S.   Walk the boardwalk to Cape Flattery.  There are amazing views of ocean sea caves, Tatoosh Island's lighthouse and a fantastic marine wildlife viewing spot!  

Rain Forest Country

When you visit the Rain Forest Country, you are surrounded by wonders of nature. Visit the  temperate Hoh Rain Forest (a World Heritage site), with its huge five hundred year old trees and Elk herds.   There are trails to walk through the forest all beginning near the Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center. Further south visit Lake Quinault Rain Forest and walk the trails. 

Port Townsend

A Day Trip to Port Townsend It can be a life-time memory. Most of our city is easily accessible on foot. Cuisine choices are outstanding and include several award-winning restaurants—take time to enjoy a meal. Touring the historic homes and buildings can be done by foot or by car. while the history of Port Townsend is young by world standards, we are proud of restoring out heritage. Port Townsend is only one of three Victorian Seaports on the National Register of Historic Places. There are over 15 unique art galleries featuring classic to innovative visual arts.

Port Angeles

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